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Hilary Rowland, Philanthropist

Hilary Rowland Name: Hilary Rowland

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Alma Mater: University of Toronto

Current Neighborhood: SoHo

Occupation: Entrepreneur, founder of www.NewFaces.com, www.Urbanette.com and www.projectmigration.org as well as several others.

Relationship Status: Married

Charities You Feel Closest To: I'm most passionate about charities relating to women's issues, sexual exploitation and animals. I volunteered every day after school at the local animal shelter, and my pets are rescues. My Facebook is basically a platform for my activism nowadays.

Recent Events You've Been To: All charity: water events, Frick ball, Gen Art Film Festival, and countless movie premiers.

Next Event On Your Calendar: New York Philharmonic Gala (I love ballet and opera!)

Favorite Book of the Moment: My dad's latest book, "Greed, Inc." [by Wade Rowland], which I think is particularly relevant at the moment.

Favorite Restaurant: I love to try new spots all the time. My go-to staple is The Waverly, since I lived very close and would always run into people I know, but a couple of years ago I became vegan and now I go to organic and vegan spots mostly. I have a book called the Vegan Guide to NYC and I try new ones all the time.

Favorite Bar or Lounge: Rose bar

Item You Can't Live Without: My cats and my Android phone, because it's my lifeline to my family and friends.

Your Favorite Date Spot: Dinner at Fresh Hamptons (in Bridgehampton), Hangawi or somewhere romantic and cozy, or a concert (preferably in another city!) That said, our most frequent date spot is Candle 79.

The Perfect Guy is: My husband: kind, honest, philanthropic, generous, empathetic, and has a great sense of humor.

I live in NYC because: I think it's the most exciting city in the world.

Your Favorite Destination: Rome, Necker, Goa... or somewhere exotic I've never been to. I'm into culture shock, and exploration.

Uptown or Downtown?: Downtown, definitely.

Union Square or Central Park?: Both - I love the farmers market in Union Square, but nothing beats Central Park for its sheer size - you could walk all day and not see the same thing twice!

Go-To Designer: My friend Afshin Feiz is extremely talented at creating feminine, flowing gowns that I just love.

Shoes or Bags: Do I really have to choose?

Most Dangerous Store: Bergdorf Goodman

Favorite Channel/TV Show: Entourage, of course... and I like Heroes and Ugly Betty.... oh, and nothing beats The Daily Show!

Other Hobbies and Fun Facts: My secret hobby is painting.

More info at: http://www.hilaryrowland.com

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